• How do I register as a Hup Lick member? 如何注册成为合力会员?

Step 1: Click the ‘Login/Register’ tab at the top right side of the homepage. 

步骤一: 点击“登入/注册” 在右上角。

Step 2: In the Member login page, click “Register” here on the right side. 

步骤二: 在会员登入页面,选择右边这里“注册” 。

Step3: Fill in the email address and click send verify mail.  

步骤三: 填写电子信箱系统将会自动发送验证邮件。

Step 4: Click on the provided link for email verification to activate your account.

步骤四: 到您的注册信箱点击该链接已完成验证。

Step 5: Fill in your personal information, and your registration should be completed. 

步骤五: 完成填写个人资料, 您的会员帐号已注册完毕。

  • How do I update my account details?  如何更新会员资料?

Step 1: Log in your account.

步骤一: 登入会员帐号

Step 2: Click on the ‘Account  details’ tab.

步骤二: 点击“ 帐号详情”。

Step 3: Change your details as required.

步骤三: 修改您想要更新的内容。

Step 4: Click the ‘Update Profile’ button to ensure your details are saved.

步骤四: 点击“更新    ”。

  • What do I do if I forget my password? 如果我忘记密码怎么办?

Step 1: Click login at the top right side of the homepage, and click on ‘Lost your password?” 

步骤一: 点击首页右上角的登录,点击“忘记密码?”

Step 2: Key in your registered email address and click “send reset password mail”

步骤二: 输入您注册的邮箱地址,点击“发送重设密码邮件”。

  • How do I locate a book? 如何找到一本书?

Key in the ISBN or book title or any keyword and click on the search button on top.

输入 ISBN / 书名或任何关键字,然后单击顶部的搜索按钮。

  • I’m having problems ordering through your website. What should I do? 我在通过您的网站订购时遇到问题。我该怎么办?

You can always seek assistance from our customer service by calling +603-6258 947 / email to [email protected] / Hup Lick Facebook Fan Page . We will teach you how to use our easy system effectively.  您可以随时致电 +603-6258 947 / 发送电子邮件至 [email protected] / 私讯合力Facebook粉丝专页向我们的客户服务寻求帮助。我们将教您如何有效地使用我们的系统。

  • How do I place an order? 如何下订单?

Step 1: Log in your account. For new users, please register as a member first.

第 1 步:登录您的帐户。 新用户请先注册成为会员。

Step 2: Surf the website.

第 2 步:浏览网站。

Step 3: Browse through the details of the products by clicking the picture thumbnail.

第 3 步:通过单击图片缩略图浏览产品的详细信息。

Step 4: Select the products of your choice by clicking on the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

第 4 步:通过单击“添加到购物车”按钮选择您选择的产品。

Step 5: Click on the Shopping Cart button on the top right side to check the products you have selected.


Step 6: When you have finished shopping, click “Proceed to checkout”.


Step 7: Check your billing and shipping information to ensure everything is correct.

第 7 步:检查您的账单和运输信息,以确保一切正确。

Step 8: Select the payment method.


Step 9: Click ‘Place Order’ to submit your order.

第 9 步:点击“Place Order”提交您的订单。

You can view the order which is successfully placed in your account. Besides that, the system will automatically send your order to your email inbox too.

您可以查看在您的账户中成功下达的订单。 除此之外,系统也会自动将您的订单发送到您的电子邮件收件箱。

  • How do I collect promotion vouchers? 如何使用优惠卷?

A coupon will appear below the introduction of the books, just click on the coupon to and collect, and the system will automatically discount when you select the products and proceed to checkout. 在书籍的简介下方会出现优惠卷,只要点击优惠卷领取即可,在结账时选择商品系统将自动折扣享受优惠!

  • What payment methods do you accept?  网站接受什么支付方式?

-Pay with E-wallet 电子钱包
( 支付宝 Alipay / Boost / Grab Pay / Presto Pay / Touch ‘n Go eWallet / Razer Pay / Shopee Pay)

-Credit / Debit Card 信用卡

  • How do I checkout unsuccessful? 在交易中付款失败该怎么办?

Please click on your <member account>, select <order> in the menu on left side to check the payment status of the latest order, if you want to complete payment, you can click on the <order number> and slip down to select the payment method.请点击您的<会员账号>,选择左边菜单的<订单>查看最新订单的付款状态,如需付款需点击该<订单编号>滑倒下方选择付款即可。 

  • Do prices displayed in Hup Lick include shipping charges? 合力中显示的价格是否包括运费?

Prices displayed are excluded from shipping charges. For West Malaysia shipping free RM7  (spend over RM50 get FREE Ship), East Malaysia shipping fee RM15.  

显示的价格不包括运费。西马运费为RM7(消费满RM50 免运); 东马运费则是RM15. 

  • Can I cancel an order after I have confirmed it. 提交订单后可以取消订单吗?

Sorry, you can’t. However, exceptional cases will be dealt with on a case-to-case basis.


  • What if I’ve submitted an order and some of the stocks are sold out?如果我提交了订单并且部分库存已售罄怎么办?

If any stock is sold out after payment has been made, you can choose any of the options listed below: 如果在付款后任何库存售罄,您可以选择以下任何一种选项:

– Change to another same price product 更改为其他相同价格的产品

– Keep the credit in your account for the next purchase 将信用额度保留在您的帐户中以备下次购买

– Request for a refund申请退款

  • How to check my order status? 如何查询我的订单状态?

Login to your member account, click order and order number to check your order status. 登入会员帐号,点击订单和订单编号即可查询。

  • How long does delivery take? 需要多久收到包裹?

We strive to ensure that all products are available to you as fast as possible. After an order is confirmed (with payments received), it will normally be processed and shipped within 7-14 working days. 我们努力确保尽快为您提供所有产品。 订单确认(收到付款)后,通常会在 7-14 个工作日内处理并发货。

  • My items haven’t arrived yet. What should I do? 尚未收到包裹,我该怎么办?

Please allow for 7-14 working days for your order to arrive.

请允许 7-14 个工作日让您的订单到达。

If you have any queries / concerns over your orders, please feel free to call us at 03-6258 947 or email us to  [email protected] and inbox Facebook page (合力出版(马)有限公司 Hup Lick Publishing (M) Sdn Bhd).

如果您对订单有任何疑问/疑虑,请随时致电 03-6258 947 或发送电子邮件至 [email protected] 或 私信 Facebook 专页 (合力出版(马)有限公司 Hup Lick Publishing (M) Sdn Bhd) 联系我们。

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